Very similar to the Air-Lock in that it stays airtight to create suction in the socket, the Easy-Off Lock can be used with elevated vacuum. Its unique lever design also makes doffing easy, especially for amputees with hand strength issues, arthritis or trouble reaching the release button.

  • Easy donning and doffing with lever release
  • Self-lubricating materials reduce wear
  • Water-resistant
  • Can be used with elevated vacuum
  • Airtight “suction” or vacuum suspension with the safety and security of a pin
  • Dual suspension, suction pin lock system
  • Great for amputees with hand strength issues
  • Single-stage lamination
  • Offset alignment capability
  • Dual o-ring system for positive seal

CD117Easy-Off Lock



128 grams, 2.3”diameter

265 lb weight limit

Build height: 1.75”

Amputation Type: AK, BK

Activity level: Any

Patent No. 6334876.

Other patents pending.


Pin and connector must be ordered separately.


Easy removal without holding release button.


Push lever as a button or pull to release lever.



Coyote Design CD117 Easy Off Lock Lever action or push button

CD117D | Easy-Off Deep Heavy Lock



Deeper housing to accept the 11 click long pin.

Adds extra .35” of length to pin.

Includes most parts for fabrication.


Pin and connector must be ordered separately.

Easy-Off Lock no longer come with pins.

Pins are sold separately and come 2 per package


10 mm, Two Part

8 Click Pin


10 mm, Two Part

11 Click Pin


10 mm, Two Part

11 Click Pin


10 mm, Solid Brass

8 Click Pin


6 mm, Two Part

8 Click Pin


1/4 x20 mm

Two Part

11 click pins are for deep locks

Which pin to choose?

The two part pin has been our standard for years.

The solid brass pin can be a quieter and has a higher pull strength.

The thread is determined by which liner you choose.

5 Degree AK Connector, Deep Air-Lock and Deep Easy-Off Lock are sold separately.

CD103L or CD117L |  Locking Lanyard

Airtight, water-resistant, lanyard lock


  • The lanyard pin helps elongate the limb when donning.
  • The pin gives audible confidence of engagement.
  • The o-ring at the end of the pin creates an airtight socket helping to reduce air noise.


Same simple fabrication as the Deep Air-Lock

and Deep Easy-Off Lock pin systems.

It is recommended to use the Deep Air-Lock or Deep Easy-Off Lock with the Locking Lanyard Pin.


Click here for more information

Billing Information

Recommended Codes


L5671   Addition to lower extremity, Below Knee/Above Knee suspension locking mechanism (shuttle, lanyard or equal), excludes socket insert.

L5647*    Addition to lower extremity, Below Knee, suction socket.

L5652*   Addition to lower extremity, suction suspension, Above Knee or Knee Disarticulation Socket.


*Not recommended for billing Medicare. Coyote Design® believes that “suction” in a prosthetic refers to negative pressure created inside the socket, rather than componentry such as an expulsion valve or sleeve. Because we think of suction as a function, we believe it should be permitted to bill L5671 in conjunction with the L5647 or L5652 in cases when it is medically necessary. As with other situations where multiple suspension methods are used and billed we feel the combination of a lock and suction helps to increase safety for the patient.


**The CD117 Easy-Off Lock can be used with a vacuum system and will maintain vacuum levels. Both lock code and vacuum code can be billed when using dual suspension. Not recommended for billing with Medicare.


For more information on billing the Air-Lock and on our socket pressure study between airtight and tradition pins contact Coyote Design.


The listing of codes with our products should not be construed as a guarantee for coverage or payment.

Ultimate responsibility for the coding of services/products rests with the individual practitioner.


Single Lamination and Offset Fabrication

The fabrication procedure for the Air-Lock and Easy-Off Lock is a time and money saver. The Alignable Connector is attached to the lock in the desired location for prosthetic alignment, allowing the lock to remain in ideal lock alignment for easy engagement. A single lamination is done that

incorporates the lock and the connector into the socket. The offset capability saves money by eliminating need for offset components, and saves time with a single lamination and easy component setup.


Coyote Design CD103AF Alignable Connector Coyote Design CD111AF One Shot Connector


Alignable Connector

Offset up to 0.6"



One-Shot Connector

Offset up to 0.6"



Single Direction Insert

Offset up to 0.33"



Multi-Direction Insert

Offset up to 0.33"



Extra 8-click Pin

1.3" long includes spacers



Extra 11-click Pin

1.65" long includes spacers


CD103P8H Brass Pin

Extra 8-click Pin

1.3" long includes spacers


CD103P11H Brass Pin

Extra 11-click Pin

1.65" long includes spacers



Coyote Design CD103SDI Single Direction Connector
Coyote Design CD103P8 Pin. Used with Air-Lock and Easy Off Lock
Coyote Design CD103P11 Pin. Used with Air-Lock and Easy Off Lock

Pin lock wear and care instructions.

CD1118P Locking Lanyard Pin

11-click Pin with Lanyard and O-ring

1.65" long includes spacers

CD118PD Lanyard Pin Disk

Disk for attaching lanyard to socket

Sold Separately

CD103GP Guide Pin

Guide Pin - helpful in drilling out bottom of Air-Lock or Easy-Off Lock.


Standard EasyOff Lamination Videos

Elevated Vacuum Instruction Videos

with Surlyn

Easy Off Lock using Surlyn -Step1- Preparing Cast

Easy Off Lock using Surlyn -Step4- Finishing Socket & Final Evaluation

Easy Off Lock using Surlyn -Step2- Seal Preparation

Easy Off Lock using Surlyn -Step3-  Alignment Transfer & Lamination

VERY IMPORTANT when using Surlyn make sure to use an epoxy resin only. Rough up the Surlyn and EasyOff lock as in the videos.

Let the resin cure over night or to be safe cure for 24 hours.

Fabrication for Locking Lanyard Pin

and 5 Degree Connector.

Blister mold Easy-Off Lock



How to modify  Air-Lock into a long pin lock.



How to install Coyote Brass Pin

the CD103P8H

Coyote Design's prosthetic locks are made to stand up to the elements so you can participate in whatever life brings.

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