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Local ABC TV Affiliate did a really nice "Made in Idaho" segment on our company.

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Brian, CTP, CPA - "Excellent information in an easy to understand manner."


Hailey, CPO - "I have already begun discussions with our Tech to start incorporating some of  these products/principles."


Nicholas, CPO - "Although the topic of material science can be tough to understand, everything was presented in a very clear and easy to understand way.  Thank You!"


Lisa, CFom - "easy to follow, very informative, history to visuals excellent"


Robert, CPO - "This is one of the more informative online presentations that I have taken. Because of the way the content is presented I have encouraged the resident to take it so he will understand laminations better."

Coyote Design has real-world solutions for amputees, created by amputees. We are innovators and creators of orthotic and prosthetic devices that are used by O&P practitioners all over the United States and the world.


Our prosthetic locks are water resistant and designed to stand up to the elements so your patient can live a more active life being able to participate in whatever activities life brings.


Our airtight prosthetic locks are the Air-Lock and Easy-Off Lock. These dual suspension pin systems are designed for comfort and added security. Being airtight helps to give the prosthesis a more intimate fit to the amputees residual limb and helps reduce pistoning in the prosthetic.


Our zero clearance prosthetic locks are the Proximal Lock, Low Pro Lock and the Summit Lock. These locks control rotation and the Summit Lock can be retrofit. We also have the Lanyard Puck which is a simple Velcro strap lanyard lock that is light weight with an ultra low build height.


Most of Coyote Designs products are designed and manufactured in Idaho. Our prosthetic parts are designed to support Below Knee (BK), Above Knee (AK), Upper Extremity prosthetics, Above Elbow (AE), Below Elbow (BE), and pediatric amputees.


Coyote also has orthotic designed struts these include the Dynamic Strut AFO and our Pediatric AFO Strut.


You may also be interested in our alternative to carbon fiber. Coyote Composite is a light weight and tough organic product that is safe to use and has less itch than carbon fiber. Coyote Composite is more flexible than carbon fiber making it more comfortable for patients and it makes a tougher prosthetic or orthotic since it is less brittle.  The socket can still be made stiff if that is preferred.


We can custom build a prosthetic or orthotic for your patient and our Central Fabrication specializes in our products so be sure to contact us for a catalog.


We also have several on-line courses that can be taken for continuing eduction credits that demonstrate a number of different casting and fabrication methods. Go to www.opqschool for course descriptions.


Be sure to check out our "how to" or "do it yourself" videos on our this website by clicking on video at the top of the page or going to various product pages.


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