Creating an elevated vacuum socket with the Easy-Off Lock and Surlyn inner plastic.

Easy Off Lock using Surlyn -Step1- Preparing Cast

Easy Off Lock using Surlyn -Step2- Seal Preparation

Easy Off Lock using Surlyn -Step3-  Alignment Transfer & Lamination

Easy Off Lock using Surlyn -Step4- Finishing Socket & Final Evaluation

VERY IMPORTANT when using Surlyn make sure to use only epoxy resin. Rough up the Surlyn and EasyOff lock as in the videos. Let the resin cure over night or to be safe cure for 24 hours.

O&P Edge Magazine did a nice article on pediatrics and quoted Matt Perkins CEO from Coyote Design and Rehab Systems and Brent Wright CP BOCO a certified prosthetist and orthotist that works closely with Coyote Design on testing its new products and teaching classes on prosthetic and orthotic design.

The article was written by Judith Philipps Otto



Bradley Davis CPA, CTP / Coyote Design's Central Fabrication Assistant Lab Manager is a right side congenital fibular hemimelia.

Brad made himself an extra tough riding leg using two layers of Coyote Composite with ER resin and  Coyote Design's patented StabileFlex™ socket design for added comfort with no PTB Bar. Because of the non-typical shape of his residual limb and also the inherent knee instability he utilizes a multi durometer soft insert liner that creates a supracondylar self-suspending socket.

He has been putting it to the test in Idaho's winter desert riding and loves the results.

Coyote Design recently donated connectors and modification tools to Brent Wright CP BOC/O and his effort to make prosthetics for the underprivileged in Guatemala. Linked is a great little video Brent produced about their work.

Brent Wright CP BOC/O a certified prosthetist and orthotist helps test Coyote Designs new products and teaches many of our classes.

Brent Lives in Raleigh, NC and works for East Point Prosthetics & Orthotics and has been helping in Guatemala for a number of years. Brent blogs at

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Watch our new TechTips this one  is about finishing the edge when using Coyote Composite.


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